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Sustainable Education Funding

My priority focus will be on Education. As a state we cannot afford to lose new teachers to other states. We need quality, trained, certified teachers who have a passion for education inside the classroom. We cannot keep allowing the budget of Oklahoma to dictate who is going to be placed inside a classroom merely because we have no pool of qualified candidates from which to hire. This epidemic of emergency certification has taken a toll on our students. We must find a better way!  Changes are needed to the educational funding formula that will ensure a steady funding source while maintaining the high expectations inside the classroom as well as within the administrations of all districts is essential.  GREAT SCHOOLS BRING GREAT BUSINESSES!!

Fiscal Responsibility

I believe in Oklahoma. I believe we as a state have a plethora of things to offer - a central location, beautiful seasons, wonderful universities and rivalries, a thriving business sector, thousands of people employed through our military stations, the maintenance hub for American Airlines, the Google data center, and Whirlpool just to name a few. We need to get our state budgets under control and balanced to showcase our infrastructure, services, and educational opportunities which will attract outside investors. As Oklahomans we need to have confidence in where our income taxes dollars are spent. State agencies receiving our state dollars should be held accountable for every penny. We need common sense applied to our spending as well as taxes on our natural resources.

Economic Growth

Across Oklahoma our metropolitan suburbs are expanding at a rapid rate. Housing additions cannot meet the demands of those wanting to purchase new homes. Inside my district alone I have witnessed at least four new subdivisions in a 3 mile radius of my neighborhood. Our communities are growing and along with that growth come career opportunities, more shopping options, better entertainment venues, and more resources to meet the demands of a growing population. As a legislator, I will continually seek more development opportunities for my district and the people I represent. Talk to the educators and businesses in Pryor and see what attracted Google.  GREAT SCHOOLS BRING GREAT BUSINESSES!!!

Mental Health & Criminal Justice Reform

During Oklahoma’s downturn, the mental health funding along with most state agencies saw their budgets slashed to the bare bones. The amount of time and money it takes to train case workers to help investigate domestic issues is two years. After two years, most have been so overwhelmed with the demands of the job and the large caseloads, they seek other career opportunities. Our system is broken, families and children are not receiving the services they need in order to overcome bad environments, drug addictions and mental health issues. One supervisor I spoke with said, for those with no other resources to afford the mental health medication or services are seeking self-medications they are able to get on the street, creating more issues for the criminal justice system and child welfare investigators. We need to do a better job of taking care of those not capable of taking care of themselves. The criminal justice system needs to reform the laws so the petty drug offenses receive treatment not jail time.

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